Walking Tour 8/15
Crooks behind bars cannot be found in the Blokhuispoort anymore... The smallest shoppingstreet of Leeuwarden, divided in an older and a newer section

Crooks behind bars cannot be found in the Blokhuispoort anymore.  Those times are gone.  A livelier environment exists along the Oude and Nieuwe Oosterstraat not far from the prison. 
From here you could walk to the Ossekop and the Uniabuurt. A few old streets, with restaurants and bars.  But if you’re not in the mood for food then continue with the city walk along the Tweebaksmarkt and the Turfmarkt.
A long time ago these city canals were full of life but the water has been replaced by a wide paved street with parking spots on either side.  Some of the old buildings still show signs that there once was a lot of commerce taking place around here. 

Old majestic buildings at a street that was once a canal - Tweebaksmarkt en Turfmarkt

On this street a small building that stands out in the crowd is a building with the name “Utrecht”.  Also on this street is the Provinciehuis (Main offices of the Province of Friesland).  Due to a current revitalization project the office building is temporarily empty. 
On the other side of the street you’ll see another building that stands out.  It is the former Post Office which now houses the Postplaza Museum and Conference Room Hotel.  Also very beautiful is the old Kanselarij.  A long, long time ago the offices of county judges were found here.  The Verzetsmuseum Friesland (Friesland Militia Museum of WW2) is now housed in this nationally recognized monument. 
The old canal Tweebaksmarkt unnoticeably turns into Turfmarkt.  This is where the Fries Museum is spread out among different buildings along this street which are connected by an underground tunnel that actually crosses underneath the street. 
The museum has fabulous collections of silver and Dutch masters portraits including Rembrandt.